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Klantervaring : FM Haaglanden

“We finally have an innovative & user-friendly tool that allows us to instantly respond and correct what needs urgent attention and apply more of things that are going well both at organization and at service level."-Senior director, FMHaaglanden


The challenge

One2Ten delivered a comprehensive bundled solution for building & deploying surveys, reporting data & taking action in real time. The portal includes all products and services that FM Haaglanden offers, from work-place interior and utilities, catering and chauffeur services for ministers, to project management and event feedback – while maintaining it’s agility.

The challenge

To assess Facility Management across 12 locations and 15 services (including sub-categories). Services include supply management, sanitation, upkeep of facilities, etc.; and provide an outstanding workplace for its 30,000 colleagues across locations, layers and departments.

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